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Bluefin LED LTD warrants the lights/hardware it manufactures and produces to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years, starting from the date of the original purchase.

During the two year warranty period Bluefin LED will repair or replace the defective item (at its option) at no additional charge on a “like for like” basis. Products either repaired or replaced under this warranty shall only be warranted for the unexpired portion of the warranty applying to the original product(s).

Bluefin LED is not responsible for labour charges to remove or replace lights or for haul-out fees. No refunds will be given.

This limited warranty does not extend to any products which have been damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation/modification, galvanic corrosion, failure to follow and adhere to installation instructions provided by Bluefin LED, improper shipping, neglect, damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, lightning “acts of god”, installation by unqualified personnel.

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